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Jan 01 2013 - 3:19 am
Happy New Year!
Posted by: iedoc

I hope everyone has a great new years and all your new year resolutions come true!

Aug 27 2012 - 12:21 pm
More Tutorials
Posted by: iedoc

Sorry there have not been any new tutorials up on the site lately. I have been working on a project for the android and iphone platforms. It will be a while now until I write any new tutorials, but i would like to start a series of tutorials, which will teach you how to make a game from beginning to end. This wont be for a while, but dont forget to keep checking back ;)

Apr 26 2012 - 3:13 pm
Strange Layout
Posted by: iedoc

Ok, what is wrong with Internet Explorer? I've tried this site on like 10 different browsers, and they all do a pretty good job of keeping things looking almost exactly the same as each other, except for IE! IE is such a pain to fix website layouts for, but it has to be done because it's the most used browser...

If you think the site looks mis-aligned, or there are extra spaces where there probably shouldn't be, it's most likely because your using IE. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that might come from it, but i'm working on it, just give me some time ;)

Apr 17 2012 - 4:21 am
Articles & Tutorials
Posted by: iedoc

Alright, I'm a little behind schedule at the moment, I had planned on having the site complete by the end of this month. Probably won't happen with the way things are going, but we'll see.

Anyway, I've got the new "Articles" section up, where anybody can write up any articles or tutorials they might want to share. The ability to upload images into the article was what took me so long. But it's pretty much done now. Let me know what you think!

Mar 29 2012 - 11:18 am
P.S. ;)
Posted by: iedoc

I would like to mention, the entire idea of a chat on my site came from "Vraggeol", who has helped me see many problems with this site, along with the chat idea. You can access chat through the link in the forum. Vraggeol made that chat, and if you think you can provide this site with a chat better than vraggeol's or the chat currently available to registered users, post on the forum or "Contact" me.

See if you can beat Vraggeol!

Mar 29 2012 - 11:00 am
IM/Chat Function
Posted by: iedoc

hello, it's been a while since the last news i've posted. I have recently added an IM function to my site, as some of you may have noticed. The problem with this IM is that is enlarges the font on the site. This is no good as it results in mis-alignment on certain parts of the site, and pushes the entire site to the left on some popular browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Because of this, I have removed the chat function when you are not logged in, so that the site is still "normal" looking to those not logged in.

If you know of any IM/Chat modules, similar to facebook chat or Google chat, like the chat currently available to those who are logged in, that DOES NOT change the layout of a site, PLEASE let me know, because i really do like the chat, and would like it available to anybody who comes to this site, even those who are not registered, as I know many people come to the site who are not registered, but may have questions. Post a solution to this problem on the forum ("Forum Index" at the top), and i will reward you with some free credits (credits may seem useless at the time, but i think in the future, as long as you are developing games for a while, will be very useful ;)

Also, I would like to thank all the positive comments I have received about the site. In fact, surprisingly, I have not received a single "negative" comment yet, Even though the lessons on the site hardly follow a single "standard" used in object oriented programming (OOP), such as the use of classes or a naming standard like the "Hungarian-type" notation.

I'd like to be clear as to why I do not use classes. I believe my lessons stand apart from other lessons/tutorials because the fact that I do not use lessons or multiple files. Those of you who have been programming for a long time, and use classes regularly may not follow my logic, so this is why i'd like to give a simple explanation. If you started programmed in a programming language such as QBasic, or are a beginner at programming in general, you might might have a better understanding of why I do not use classes. The point of my lessons are to get the technique across, nothing more. From my experience following lessons and tutorial, classes have always made the "point" of the technique hard to follow. I want my lessons to be very easy to follow without having to look through each file every time a member or function of a class is used. I use functions, so that the application in the lessons are easy to follow. I probably drank too much, so i'm rambling a bit, but i hope i was able to explain a couple things people might have questions about here. Just remember to use coding conventions such as the "hungarian-type" notation, and especially, use classes. They make code "re-usable". many of the functions used in my lessons are made so that they can easily be put into classes.

Also, remember that i truly appreciate comments on the site, and they are the only reason the site is still up. (The site doesn't really make money, but i keep it up for the "thrill" of reading positive comments. Don't take that as i have not other thrills in life, my life is "thrilling" enough. running from the chinese police, my gf ("my gf" is there a need to explain? gf's...) ;)

Jan 25 2012 - 4:27 am
More Content!
Posted by: iedoc

Alright, now that the site is coming together pretty nicely, I'd say it's time to get back to making some new content to put on the site!

My next plan is to get a couple more lessons on the site. I already have in mind what i will be putting up, but I'd like to make a more "clean" model for my next lesson (3rd person camera) than the model i used for my last lesson ;)

So hold tight and you'll start to see some more content appearing! Don't forget to record any cool sounds you hear, or upload some of those 3d models and textures you have just sitting on your computer! (make sure the models and textures are actually your's please, haha)

Nov 27 2011 - 5:52 am
Free Credits!
Posted by: iedoc

There will be two new sections to the site where you can earn and spend credits to download things. They are Braynzar Vision, where you can upload and download 3D models, and Braynzar Audio, where you can upload and download sounds and musics for games.

Uploading models or audio will earn you credits, which can then be spent on downloading the models or audio. These sections of the site are not up yet, but if you become a member now, you will receive 100 free credits that can be spent on downloading the models or audio once these sites are up and running!

So hurry up and REGISTER!

Nov 27 2011 - 4:51 am
The forum is up
Posted by: iedoc

As you have probably noticed if you're reading this, the site is undergoing some changes.

I will be working on the other sections of the site for a while, them being Braynzar Vision (3D Model uploading and downloading), Braynzar Audio (sounds and music uploading and downloading), and a simple forum.

The forum is up now, so don't hesitate to stop by and comment, ask questions, or answer questions. It took me a while to get it in working order, so I really hope some of you will use it for whatever you want!

Hope to hear from some of you soon! See you around!

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